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Experience and Understanding is Our Strength

We are not simply attorneys, we are here as counselors and advisors. Yes, law is our profession of choice, but for every instance or scenario that looks like an impossible scenario to a client in Osceola County, we look upon as a challenge to overcome, and an opportunity to assist a client. 

More About Our Law Firm

There are risks and opportunities in every scenario or situation, so we make it a high priority to communicate and explain the details of legal decisions  that are made. We are here to listen and advise. Call 407-870-5551 for a consultation. We’re here to help!

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Osceola County Attorneys D'Lugo and DeFlora

The Law Office of D'Lugo & DeFlora prides itself on being able to consistently handle complex legal matters for its clients by combining extensive experience with a devoted work ethic.

We pay close attention to every case no matter the size. The cases we handle in Osceola County are serious matters to us. Our attention to detail and our commitment to thorough communication makes this evident.

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Our Mission

To provide quality legal services covering all areas of criminal law.


Our Values

We are aggressive advocates and handle all types of misdemeanor and felony cases.


Our Solution

We provide attentive, dependable and honorable counsel and representation to the Central Florida community.


We are here to help you find a solution

Call upon legal help with experience, understanding coupled with a desire to help.

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