2 New Rules Ring in the New Year for Floridians

Ring In the New Year With New Florida Laws

Ring In the New Year With New Florida Laws

While you were saying goodbye to 2014 and recovering from all of your New Year’s Eve festivities, two laws went into effect that caught Floridians’ attention.

  1. Increases to the minimum wage in 21 states, Florida being one of them. Florida’s minimum wage has now increased to $8.05 per hour which is up from $7.93 per hour.
  2. Children under the age of 6 are required to be placed in car seats or booster seats while riding in vehicles. Prior to this new law, children 3 and younger were required to ride in child-restraint devices, while children  ages 4 and 5 could use seat belts. Drivers caught violating the law face a $60 fine and up to three points on their license.

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