7 Vacation Planning Tips for Divorced Parents

kissfamilyFlorida law requires divorced parents who share time with minor children have a written parenting plan negotiated between the parents and their legal counsel and then approved by the court. This is a requirement even when the time sharing is not in dispute. Once the court approves the plan, it becomes enforceable and must be followed by both parents. The plan includes a description of what the child’s new world will look like after the divorce is final. Included in the parenting plan are agreed-upon plans for extended school holidays, vacation plans and the method used to resolve any disputes.

With summer just around the corner, children look forward to no more school, later bedtimes, summer camp, pool dates and overnights with friends.  It is important that vacation planning is agreed upon well in advance with specific and practical instructions on how these special times will be handled.

Here are seven practical tips to ensure this time is a meaningful and memorable one for your children and you.

  1. Put your children’s best interest first because they trust you for their well being.
  2. Include your children as much as possible in the planning.
  3. Agree on extended holidays and vacation dates, times and locations well in advance.
  4. Keep the lines of communication with your ex-spouse open especially when situations change.
  5. Be sensitive to your children’s needs who might be dealing with changing schedules, lifestyle as well as separation anxiety.
  6. Avoid power struggles by trying to out do the other parent’s vacation activities.
  7. Keep your emotions in check because children can detect stress even if no words are spoken, and become stressed.

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