Are Pets Personal Property?

If you are a pet owner, you know that overtime they are considered part of the family. We take care of them, make sure they are healthy, we play with them, we miss them when we are away, we grieve them if they die. But did you know, that in case of a divorce, the pets are considered personal property and subject to equitable distribution?

If you owned your pet prior to getting married, make sure you keep proof such as sale receipt, vet bills, etc., all dated prior to marriage date.

If your pet was a gift or rescued from the streets, ownership might be difficult to prove.

If you own a valuable pet such as a show animal, a racing horse, a purebred or any other pet considered a valuable asset and you and your spouse do not agree as to the ownership, the court can order that the animal be sold and the proceeds divided accordingly.

This could be a very emotional issue. Specially if you have children and they are attached to the pet.

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