Breast Cancer breaking your marriage?

Getting diagnosed with breast or any other type of cancer, is really bad news. But when your spouse leaves you right after, then it could get difficult, emotionally speaking!

As your emotions go up and down, you might think of yourself as damaged goods but that doesn’t mean your spouse feels the same way. He might be thinking how to make you comfortable, how to show love or simply what will happen if you are no longer there for him.

It is proven that cancer is not good for relationships. Statistically most women will get divorced after being diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, than men. Why? Women can fit easier into the caregiver role but this is more difficult for men.  Divorce rates are not higher among couples where the woman has breast cancer. Simply analyzed, the shock of the diagnosis pushes a troubled relationship to the limit. The decision to go separate ways mainly comes from the realization of an unhappy marriage and not because of the breast cancer. No one wants to be unhappy!

If your relationship is in trouble, consider counseling to discuss the source! Communication is always the key.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Remember early detection can save your life. Get your mammogram scheduled and challenge a friend to do the same! ~  Eve and Nina

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