Can Divorce Proceedings Be Halted Once They Have Begun?

lugoThe short answer is yes. In Florida, a divorce is known as a dissolution of marriage which finalizes the divorce and makes it legally official. If you and your spouse have mutually agreed to give reconciliation a try and the dissolution decree has not yet been issued, you can file a Motion to Postpone proceedings for a period of time.  After this period, if you and your spouse still wish to divorce, a Motion to Continue will be filed with the court and proceedings will resume.  Even if you and your spouse no longer want to get divorced, a Motion to Voluntarily Dismiss the Dissolution Proceedings will need to be filed in order to close the case.

In addition to a couple voluntarily staying married and dismissing a pending divorce action, there are a number of reasons that a Florida judge may dismiss a divorce action. If one spouse fails to follow court procedures, there are defects in the paperwork, filed documents were not served properly or failure to follow proper court procedures are all reasons why a judge may dismiss a divorce action.

Florida has rigid legal rules and procedures that must be followed once a dissolution of marriage has been initiated which is why you should consult with attorneys experienced in family law. Every situation is different and each case unique. If you find yourself needing support, legal information or help, call D’Lugo and DeFlora for a consultation at 407.870.5551 or online at


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