Changing Names after a Divorce?

Are you thinking about changing you name after a divorce?

Many women question if they should be changing their names back after a divorce. The answer is, it all depends.

For example, if you have built a good business reputation or you are professionally known by that name, changing your name might cause confusion for your clients or customers. Some mothers prefer to keep their names to be the same as their children.

The process of changing names after the divorce, varies depending on jurisdiction. In the State of Florida, changing your name after a divorce is the same as assuming a completely new name and carries its own charges.

In Florida it might be easier to get your name restored as part of the divorce proceeding at no additional charge. However, this is still a very personal decision and is only YOURS to make. Your ex has no saying in this.

Resuming your former name is a big step but it might be the one needed to start your new life!

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