Changing your Child’s name after a Divorce!

When couples have children there is often no discussion about after whom the child will be named. But after a divorce changing your child’s name can be complicated.

A name can carry a person’s identity, and is very important.

Your legal right to change your child’s last name does not depend on your custody arrangement.

Even if you have sole legal and physical custody, the court might not allow you to change her last name if the other parent maintains a frequent and loving relationship with her and if he objects.

For the court to allow the change, it must be proven that your child will benefit from the change.

In cases of step-parent adoptions and if the other parent does not object, the court hearing will be a formality and the judge will grant the change.

Going through a divorce can be difficult for the entire family. Something as simple as changing a last name can create a longterm emotional impact on your child. Consider all your options and purpose. Work with an experience Family Law Attorney!

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