Charged With a DUI – Don’t Go It Alone!

DUI Arrest

DUI Arrest

DUI charge is the criminal violation of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. DUI charges can be some of the most serious traffic offenses that a licensed driver can face in Central Florida. A DUI conviction is severe and may possibly result in an extended jail sentence, costly imposed fines, suspension of one’s driver’s license, extensive community service and driver improvement courses. There are also situations that call for alcohol rehabilitation and extended counseling sessions.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI offense, you only have 10 days to challenge a DUI charge. D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A. can mount a defense that may help you avoid losing your license, going to jail, or being assessed more fines than you should be.

D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A. is one of the most experienced Central Florida Law Firms handling DUI cases. They consistency handle DUI cases in Osceola, Brevard, Seminole and Orange County and use every possible legal defense to fight the DUi conviction.

If you are looking at a possible DUI conviction, don’t do so defenseless or with an inexperienced law firm. Call D’Lugo and DeFlora and arm yourself with the best DUI Attorneys in Central Florida. With D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A. on your team you will have the best chance possible at fighting a full DUI conviction. Call us for a consultation! 407.870.5551.


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