Dividing Assets!

Imagine a young couple, let’s call them John and Marie. They meet in their 20s at university, have a happy but short romance of a few months and are married just before graduation when then are both 22 years of age.

Neither have any assets of significant value. John and Marie increase their wealth over the years, have a family, take care of their parents and John starts his own business.

After 25 years, they decide to separate. They have significant equity in their home. Their beach property on the west coast, although not particularly valuable, requires little financial capital to be maintained.

John has grown the business, they each own a luxury car, and a few investments accounts.

Dividing the family home can be difficult enough for a divorcing couple to do. There are many memories and emotions tied to your house. Things become even more complex when other properties are added to the mix.

They decide to divide their assets fairly, she keeps the family home, her investment account and her car and he keeps the beach house, the business and his investment accounts. It sounds fair, right? It depends.

Whether the settlement is in a divorce or a business division, you may need a lawyer to help you negotiate the terms and division of your assets and provide correct valuation of your assets, short and long term.

From your home and investment properties to vacation homes and all other real estate, at D’Lugo & DeFlora, P.A. we know how to resolve the issues that you could face when valuing and dividing these assets.

If you have questions regarding division of your assets, do not hesitate to contact D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A., 407.870.5551 or www.KissimmeeFamilyLaw.com

D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A. is located in historic downtown Kissimmee, Florida and provides quality legal services in Osceola County practing in the areas of  traffic law including DUIs, Criminal law covering misdemeanors and felonies and family law including injunctions, divorce, child custody hearings, child-support, paternity, visitation and relocation of parent and adoptions.


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