Do You Need a Florida Divorce Lawyer?

inhousecohabIf you’re marriage is at an impasse and you’re anticipating a divorce, your first goal should be to research a Florida Family Law Attorney experienced in divorce laws. The first step in the divorce process begins with one or both parties filing a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.”

Each divorce case is unique and usually includes the division of property and possessions, responsibility for support, and parental responsibility and time-sharing with children.

The services of an experienced divorce attorney with knowledge as to your rights, your children’s rights, your property rights, and your responsibilities resulting from the marriage are our area of expertise. D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A. can analyze your unique situation and help you make decisions in your best interest and that of your family.

If you find yourself needing support, legal information or help, call D’Lugo and DeFlora for a consultation at 407.870.5551 or online at


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