Every child deserves to have a legal father!

Paternity gives rights and benefits to the mother, the father and the child. Any party, a man or a woman can seek action to formally enter an order establishing the paternity of an individual as the father of a child.

In the State of Florida there are five ways to establish paternity. If you are a father being sued for child support you have some serious legal questions that must be answered.

DNA testing should determine the validity of whether or not you are the father of the child. If you are determined to be the father of the child of the lawsuit, then you will be required, in most instances, to pay child support. The Court can and will also set an order to allow for visitation and access to the child.

If you need to establish paternity or you have been sued to establish paternity you may need legal help. At D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A. we approach the practice of family law from a much different perspective than other Osceola County law firms, we do so from YOUR perspective…

Call us at 407.870.5551 to discuss your specific case. You can also visit us online at www.kissimmeefamilylaw.com.


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