Deal Breakers!

People contemplate divorce for many reasons and making the decision can be a complicated matter. While couples do not marry looking to get a divorce, situations and people do change, and under many circumstances, divorce becomes an option. Some reasons for divorce are minor and slight, and some reasons are definite marriage deal breakers.

Here areĀ a few deal breakers:

Physical or emotional abuse –
We heard it many times, if your spouse hits you even once, it will happen again. Physical or emotional abuse are not acceptable forms of behavior and can lead to many health problems. Leaving an abusive spouse is difficult and requires courage. However, if you feel you and your children are not safe, leave immediately and seek help.

Gambling or Compulsive Shopping –
If your spouse shows a compulsive behavior like excessive shopping and pathological gambling, it might be putting your family in a financial hardship situation. The question is how much debt is enough? When to draw the line. Recovery from this addiction might take years and is extremely difficult to deal with.

Alcoholism or Drug Addiction –
Having a social drink every once in a while is not bad, but drinking to the point that it prohibits your ability to function at work and home, or becomes a daily necessity is a deal breaker. Like gambling, drinking alcohol can become an obsession. You have to deal with a person you love that is behaving irrationally and maybe even placing your family in harms way, for example driving with the family while intoxicated. Divorce can be heart breaking when love is involved.

A divorce lawyer can act as both a counselor and sounding board for you during this stressful life event.

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