Family Life!

Family life does not always go according to plan. Your child decides to make an ill advised choice, your spouse wakes up one day and tells you they want a divorce or worse you find out they are cheating on you. You may be an abused spouse who finally gets the courage to escape your dysfunctional world or no longer wants to be a codependent. Each one of these scenarios has their own set of challenges that cannot be ignored and left on their own to work themselves out.

This is when you will need to seek the advice of a professional.

At D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A., our Family Law areas of practice include divorce and separate maintenance proceedings; child custody, visitation and support; alimony and spousal maintenance; prenuptial and post nuptial agreements; modification of child support, custody and alimony; legitimation and paternity; restraining and protective orders; grandparents and third-party custody/visitation; appeals; post-divorce issues, such as contempt actions.

We are here to listen and advise. Call 407-870-5551 for a consultation or contact us online at We’re here to help!


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