Living together during a divorce?

Marriage, divorce and family dynamics are very different for each couple. It is well recognized that the current economy and lack of house equity almost forces couples to stay together while going through a divorce process. And let’s be honest, it saves money!

If you and your spouse decided to stay together during this period an agreement to regulate the finances and living space, should be considered. The process could be similar to a mid-nuptial, a contract or a co-habitation agreement.

Even though there are many advantages to this arrangement, you must remember you two were getting a divorce for a reason. What are the risks that the same problems that made you decide to divorce will also make it impractical for you to live together? Not to mention the confusion it can create if you have children…

Divorce is a complex process. You may well feel conflicting emotions  which make it difficult to make the best decisions that will protect you and those you love as you start a new life.

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