Mental Illness and Divorce!

Can a mental illness affect your marriage? Statistical data says that is the case.

Ending a marriage can be difficult but if your spouse has a personality disorder or mental illness, your decision process can place you beyond the spectrum of difficulty levels.

Everyday, women and men, struggle to leave an abusive situation with an unstable partner. From drugs, alcohol and sex addictions to mental illnesses such as antisocial personality, PTDS, depression, narcissistic, bipolar and other personality disorders. The difficulty is caused by the fact that for the most, there is still love and there are not many reasonable ways to deal with an unreasonable situation.

Even though the law has procedures for temporary protections if you and your kids live in an unsafe situation, there are no established tools to deal with “high conflict” separations. Divorce cases involving serious mental illness may need the intervention from therapists, doctors or a person with the authority to request treatment up to hospitalization.

You need an attorney that can be compassionate but at the same time can help you maintain “sanity” during the process.

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