New Year Resolutions – New YOU!

Looking to the New Year for fresh start?

If you are recently divorced, you know how hard and complicated emotions can be. But as you think about your New Year’s resolutions, just like losing weight or working out more, how about creating new, healthier and happier relationships including the one with your Ex?

Here are some recommendations:

  • Take control of your life – Don’t allow someone else influence your emotional state, specially not your ex. Break the cycle. Learn to to take command of what you say and how you act. You are the only person you can control.
  • Trust your inner voice – What is your “inner” voice telling you? Regain the ability to listen and trust yourself. Remembering who you are and what you want for you and your children will guide you in the right direction.
  • Decide to the happy – Happiness is a decision and it comes from within. No one can make you happy but yourself. You might need to make that decision many times a day but it is only yours to make. If needed, substitute any negative thought with an image of a pleasant memory.
  • Focus on the children – If you have children, listen to what they say and pay attention. All they need to know is that they won’t be abandoned that you will take care of them.
  • Be kind to your Ex – Remember your children deserved to have two parents. Put them first and show love does not discriminate. Don’t criticize each other in front of them! Once in a while, be flexible with your schedule!
  • Move on – Figure out what lessons were learned and leave the pain behind.

You have a new 365 -pages book and you are writing every single page! Cheers to 2015 and to YOU!

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