Preparing for Your Initial Consultation

Post Divorce Mediation

If you find yourself in a situation that may require legal counsel, you’ll want to be sure to retain the legal services from the right lawyer for your unique case. If you take some time drafting some initial questions for your first meeting, it will help you find the legal help that’s best for you.

  • Level of Experience – you’ll want to ask how long the attorney has been in practice, what experience she or he has had in the area of your case and what were the results.
  • Likely Outcomes – you should ask what are the potential outcomes of your particular case based on the attorney’s past experience and if there are other ways to solve your legal problem.
  • Case Administration – you should get a general idea of how the attorney will communicate with you and how your case will be managed.
  • Fees and Payment – ask how much the attorney charges for the services provided and when payment will be expected. Additionally, what is the estimated cost of the legal matter in fees and out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s important to understand that the answers can vary from one attorney to another and nothing should be taken as a guarantee. The answers will give you a better idea of a specific lawyers’s experience and skill level and whether a lawyer is a good choice for your legal matter.

D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A. can analyze your unique situation and help you make decisions in your best interest. If you find yourself needing support, legal information or help, call D’Lugo and DeFlora for a consultation at 407.870.5551 or online at


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