Reaching Age 18 in Florida

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Florida considers you a legal adult for most purposes on your 18th birthday (unless a legal proceeding gives some or all the responsibility to a parent or guardian). This is also referred to as the age of majority. On your 18th birthday you can enjoy several “grown up” privileges which include the legal right to:

  • vote,
  • make contracts,
  • sue on your own behalf,
  • make a will,
  • get medical treatment without your parent’s consent
  • get married without your parent’s consent
  • live independently from your parent’s control.

Becoming an adult at 18 in Florida also has significant responsibilities, obligations and consequences such as:

  • You can be tried and sentenced as an adult if you break the law.
  • You are required to support yourself.
  • You can be sued if you enter into binding agreements.
  • You can be called to serve on jury duty.
  • You must register for selective service if you’re a male within 30 days of turning 18.

It’s important to note that the legal age requirement for drinking and buying alcoholic beverages is 21.

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