Red Light Tickets!

Last January, the Osceola County Commission approved red-light cameras to go up at 10 different intersections. While many people believe it is a good idea to increase awareness and safety in certain areas, there are situations where the process has proven to be faulty.

In October 2014, a driver fought his red light camera ticket on the grounds that camera vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS) was illegally issuing Uniform Traffic Citations (UTC) to drivers. The process which requires the camera company to send all videos to the police which in turn reviews and decides which drivers are worthy of a ticket, was apparently changed. “Such outsourcing to a third-party for-profit vendor of a city’s statutorily mandated obligation to issue uniform traffic citations for red light camera violations is contrary to the plain wording of the Florida Statutes,” the ruling added. Furthermore, videos are published to the public prior to verification.

There are assumptions regarding red light tickets that we must change:

1. A photo is proof that you are guilty.

2. Since a red light ticket does not carry points, just pay it,

3. If you did not come to a full stop before making a right turn, then the ticket is granted.

Remember the rules of evidence, if there is no objection to the evidence then the evidence is considered as presented.   There are many recent rulings that could affect your case and a good Traffic Attorney can help you proof your innocence. Traffic tickets should not simply be accepted. They should be challenged with the correct counsel representing you. It is possible you may be able to receive a reduced punishment for the traffic violation if you are represented correctly.

Keep your record as clean as possible by mounting a proper challenge to the traffic ticket with the experienced defense team of D’Lugo and DeFlora, P.A. 

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