Social Media – Pictures don’t lie!

In the digital age, people are able to keep up with practically anyone and observe the activities in each other’s lives like never before.

But posting anything about your financial, emotional, or relationship status on social media during divorce proceedings may unnecessarily complicate your impending divorce, cost you money, and make it even more difficult.

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Vine, Foursquare to LinkedIn, it is becoming more and more common for evidence from such sites to pop up in court, and many judges are allowing screenshots, text messages, Internet photos and other similar items to be admitted as exhibits.

Here are a few actions to think about:

Sending abusive texts – This can be used as evidence of abuse or violence tendencies and can definitely harm your case.

Pictures of new acquired assets – It can establish how you manage your finances, good or bad. This can come to play in child support and alimony cases.

Checking In – The places you check in can be used to define your social habits and lifestyle. For example checking in at bars (and posting pictures) even if it is a special celebration, can be used to define unhealthy drinking habits and behavior not fit to share custody of children. Don’t show where you are. People lie but geo codes and pictures don’t.

Postings about your case – If you don’t like or don’t agree with the judge, don’t post it. You want to be seen as a respectful person cooperating in an amicable separation. Don’t post negative comments about your spouse. Plus if you spend so much time using social media, you might prove you don’t have time for your children.

At the end of the day, having responsibility and common sense, temper use of social media can keep you out of harm’s way from a litigation standpoint. Before you post, tweet, text or record, think: If I put that out in the social media world, how would a judge feel, or how will this affect my kids?

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