Thanksgiving Weekend – Safety First!

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest holidays in our roads. In fact, not only are the roads more crowded during the Thanksgiving holiday week, they’re more dangerous, too. According to the National Safety Council, Thanksgiving is the second most dangerous holiday for driving so this is the time to make your car is ready for the road and you put safety first.

Here are 4 tips for driving safely this holiday weekend:

Never drink and drive. Even one drink can have an impact on your driving ability and put you and other people on the road at risk. Year-round, alcohol is involved in about one-third of all accidents. Always use a designated driver.

Always buckle up. When used properly, seatbelts reduce the risk of fatal injury to passengers.

Follow the Signs: Along with not following other vehicles too closely, the chance of colliding with another vehicle, if you observe the speed limits, is greatly reduced.

Inspect your seatbelts, clean the headlights and check your car. The lap belt should fit comfortably but snugly across your hipbones or upper thighs and below your abdomen. Make sure children are properly restrained by checking that the seat is not too loose. Turn the headlights on as dusk approaches. Make sure signal lights and wipers are working accordingly. If you have car troubles pull of the road as far as possible.

Plan trips when your focus and energy are greatest. Many drivers plan to take long trips during the late night or early morning hours to avoid traffic. You should be well rested and alert. Drowsy driving is very similar to drunk driving, and it can be just as dangerous. Make frequent stops as needed.

While these safety reminders may seem obvious, I can’t stress them enough. Ensure this holiday season is a safe one by reminding yourself and others to always follow these simple and safe driving rules.

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