You Can, But Should You Represent Yourself?

osceola lawyersA person who represents himself or herself in a court of law or another legal capacity is said to be acting pro se (pronounced “pro say”). When you choose to represent yourself in court, you are required to follow the same rules and file the same forms as attorneys. Access to justice is at your own risk and often times a person who chooses to represent himself or herself achieves a worse outcome when compared with people who are represented by legal counsel.

In situations where a legal action (such as a lawsuit or criminal charge) is pending or may be filed in the future, it is advisable to hire an attorney or at the very least to talk with one to get an opinion on whether legal services are needed.

Your own personal research on a legal matter, no matter how thorough, is not a substitute for legal advice specifically tailored to your situation from a licensed attorney.  Consult a lawyer if you have any questions about the legal issues you are facing.

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